Service @ NA in Bangalore


A Group Service Representative is the elected link of his/her homegroup to the rest of NA Bangalore. Most groups also elect a Group Service Representative Alternate (GSR/A) who can fill in for the GSR as and when needed. A GSR, on his/her homegroup's behalf, conveys a sense of his/her homegroup's wishes/recommendations/conscience to the service structure & brings back information on what's happening in NA Bangalore (the NA Indian Region and the NA World also being part of that information takeaway, as and when required). GSRs are delegated the authority, by their homegroups, to serve on their homegroups' right as active ASC participants, exercising their own conscience & best judgment (as and when needed) in the best interest of NA Bangalore and therefore NA as a whole.

The Area Service Committee

The ASC is the primary means by which all service-related requirements of NA Bangalore are administered. The ASC is composed of the GSRs, the executive body (Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer), Subcommittee Chairs, & the Regional Committee Member (RCM)/the Regional Committee Member Alternate (RCM/A) or the Area Service Representative (ASR)/the Area Service Representative Alternate (ASR/A). The ASC elects its executive body, Subcommittee Chairpersons & Regional Committee Members or Area Service Representatives, with the election process involving NA Bangalore as a whole (Please do talk to a member of NA Bangalore or your homegroup member or GSR for more clarity on how this is done).

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ASC Chairperson

The ASC Chairperson is responsible for conducting ASC meetings, preparing the agenda, & administering the execution of other ASC-related administrative duties. The ASC Chairperson needs to conduct the ASC meetings with a firm hand, a calm spirit & a clear mind (Please do talk to a member of NA Bangalore or your homegroup member or GSR for more clarity).

ASC Vice Chairperson

The ASC Vice Chairperson is responsible for the coordination with and between the Subcommittees in NA Bangalore, keeping in touch with the Subcommittees' Chairpersons & staying informed of Subcommittees' projects & problems, while attending Subcommittee Meetings whenever possible. The ASC Vice Chairperson also helps find solutions to disputes or furnish requirements that may arise either within or between the Subcommittees. The ASC Vice Chairperson also assists the ASC Chairperson in conducting ASC meetings, as and when needed (Please do talk to a member of NA Bangalore or your homegroup member or GSR for more clarity).

ASC Secretary

The ASC Secretary is responsible primarily for handling the required paperwork as well as scheduling ASC meetings. The ASC Secretary's responsibility is to take down clear and accurate minutes while an ASC meeting is held & and distribute those minutes to the different homegroups that comprise the ASC. An ASC Secretary can also maintain & update an NA Bangalore policy register & contact information of all the ASC members.

ASC Treasurer

The ASC treasurer is responsible for handling the ASC money (money used to help NA Bangalore help carry the message to the addict who still suffers). The ASC Treasurer receives contributions from the groups, administers and monitors NA Bangalore's Bank Account, pays the rent for the utilization of premises to conduct ASC meetings , reimburses ASC members for their budgeted expenses, keeps careful records of NA Bangalore's financial transactions & provides reports on the financial status of NA Bangalore at each ASC meeting. The ASC Treasurer is also responsible for preparing an annual budget for the ASC (based on input provided by the ASC).


The Area Service Representative (ASR) or the Regional Committee Member (RCM) represents NA Bangalore at Society of the Indian Regional Committee of Narcotics Anonymous (SIRSCONA) meetings, where matters from all areas that comprise the Indian region are discussed and sorted out. The SIRSCONA meetings are hosted by the areas that comprise the Indian Region on a biannual basis.

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The Subcommittees of the ASC

Based on NA Bangalore's requirement, Subcommittees are created to deliver and handle service-related requirements, with the Subcommittee Chairperson being an integral part of the ASC. The Subcommittees of NA Bangalore currently comprise of;

  • H & I - Hospitals & Institutions
  • PR - Public Relations
  • Convention
  • Translation
  • Literature Supply
  • Web Service

H & I - Hospitals & Institutions Subcommittee

The purpose of an H&I meeting is to carry the message of Narcotics Anonymous to addicts who do not have access to regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings in Bangalore. H&I meetings and presentations are intended to simply introduce those attending to some of the basics of the NA program.


PR - Public Relations Subcommittee

Public Relations is geared to provide information about NA Bangalore to non-NA members. These non-NA members include people who come in contact with drug addicts, thus helping them find the way to NA Bangalore.


Convention Subcommittee

Conventions are held by the members of NA Bangalore to help bring members together in the celebration of recovery. Meetings, workshops & other activities are scheduled to encourage unity & fellowship amongst NA members. Participation includes NA members from within NA Bangalore, the Indian region, and NA world.


Literature Translation Subcommittee

Ensures that the written NA message is available in the language spoken by the local NA members of NA Bangalore. The LT Subcommittee also assists in translating service-related correspondence & periodicals so that members of NA Bangalore can take a fuller part in the life of the worldwide NA fellowship.


Literature Supply Subcommittee

Maintains the stock of NA literature and other NA-related paraphernalia (medallions, keytags etc) that can be purchased by the homegroups of NA Bangalore. Some NA pamphlets are made available free of cost. The LS Subcommittee is also responsible for processing homegroup orders, tracking stock inventory, and reordering stock. They are also accountable for funds that pass through their hands via purchase orders for NA Bangalore.


Web Service Subcommittee

Considered NA Bangalore's window to the outside world, is used to host information on the Internet about NA Bangalore.